Your roof is one of your most valuable assets. As you make an important decision in choosing the roofing contractors to trust for your roofing needs, you want the best roofing company available.

Skillful Roofing Company is a reputable professional roofing company in Barrie, Ontario. Over the years, we have earned a reputation for our commitment to excellence and unmatched customer service – both in the job site and behind the scenes. 


Leaky Roof? Help is on the way! We are Barrie’s trusted roof leak detection and repair experts. Our expert team is ready to work on any roof repair projects from minor roof leak repair to extensive hail damage roof repair. You can also count on us for your emergency roof repair needs. Call us today and know that you are working with the best roof repair company there is!


We have built a reputation as Barrie’s top-rated roof installers, be it asphalt shingle roof, metal roof, slates, or flat roof system. We go above and beyond to ensure our customers get a high-quality and visually appealing roof that will last for many years to come.  


From a new roof installation or re-roof to roof restoration and maintenance, Skillful Roofing has the expertise to handle all of your commercial or residential roofing needs. For a free and fast estimate on any of your roofing concerns, feel free to contact us today.


A good roof is paramount in protecting your home or business investment. Even a minor leak detection can potentially cost you more when you keep putting off a much-needed repair. When you contact us, we will send our skilled Barrie roofing specialists to make a FREE, THOROUGH inspection to catch up on any issue early on, which can save you more in the long run. 


We believe that our commitment to putting our customers’ first is the cornerstone of our success. We’re not only happy to give you excellent roofing services. We’ll also be glad to answer your roofing questions, as our way of giving back. Check below for answers to commonly asked roofing questions, and call us should you have any more inquiries. 

Should I Hire A Roofing Contractor, Or Do the Work Myself? 

For many homeowners, DIY home repairs and improvements aren’t only economical but are also fulfilling to do. However, when it comes to your roofing projects, hiring a professional to do the job can save you money and time, and from the risk of slip and fall accidents. Professional roofers are well-equipped and trained to do roof repairs and replacement safely. Plus, with their expertise, you can guarantee quality and long-term results, saving you from costly reworks and repairs due to a substandard amateur job.  

What Is the Best Roof? 

From composition roof shingles to slates, flat roofs, and metal roofing, you’ll find different types of roofing materials available. While asphalt shingles seem to be the norm and are relatively affordable, they may not be ideal for your home for some reasons. Ultimately, finding the best roof for your home depends on the climate and temperature in the area where you live and the style of your home. We at Skillful Roofing can help you determine the best type of material for your home according to your unique needs and your budget. Contact us today, and we’ll be glad to discuss the pros and cons of each of the type of roofing materials. 

How Long Will It Take to Replace My Roof? 

Once you contact us and schedule the work, the roof replacement job usually takes one to two days to complete. However, other factors that may cause delays or affect the timeline of your roof replacement project. These include the weather and other special conditions such as the size and architectural style of your home. We will make a careful assessment before we start, and give you an estimated timeline specifically for your roofing project.  

How Long Will My New Roof Last? 

Most roofing contractors provide a 20 to 30-year warranty for newly-installed modern roofs. But some factors like the extreme weather conditions and substandard roof construction and installation can hasten the life of your roof. Additionally, adequate roof maintenance is imperative if you want your new roof to last you long. 

How Should I Clean My Roof? 

Proper cleaning and regular inspection are crucial steps in roof maintenance. It’s generally recommended that you have your roof cleaned by professionals at least once every year. That is if you’re serious about ensuring the longevity of your roof. One important thing you should know about roof cleaning is that you should do away from power washing your roof. This is to avoid destroying the protective coating or layers if your shingles. Also, when removing algae and tough stains on your roof, be sure to use mild non-corrosive cleaning agents to avoid damaging your roof flashings, tiles, or shingles. 


We don’t mind telling you how good and reliable our team is. But wouldn’t it be more convincing if you hear it directly from our customers? Check out the reviews from the customers who have become our friends from our years of providing outstanding roofing services in Barrie, Ontario.

Awesome Work! 

Everyone has been friendly and courteous, from the office staff to the crew members on the job site. The team works with great attention to details, and the quality of work was superb, and the cleanup was flawless. Now we have a beautiful new roof and gutters, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Awesome work guys, thank you! 

Nathaniel E. Costello 

  March 2, 2017 

Completely Satisfied Customer 

I appreciate that the team responded quickly after I called them for an estimate on my roof that needed to be replaced. Skillful Roofing sent their friendly crew for a comprehensive inspection and discussed the steps along with my options for the project. The job was completed as expected and in record time. A completely satisfied customer here. If you want a roofing company that gets the job done, go with Skillful Roofing! 

Lois T. Altamirano 

  January 15, 2018  

Wouldn’t Hesitate Recommending the Company 

Skillful Roofing has done work for our family friend in the past, and we saw how great their work was. So, we didn’t hesitate to call them when our roof needed some serious roof leak repairs. The crew came out the very next day for an assessment and even helped us in working with our insurance company for an insurance claim. Everybody in the team was courteous, polite, and hardworking, and the job was finished within a day. The cleanup was also done quickly and thoroughly. Now, we have a roof that looks as awesome as before. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Skillful Roofing to others in our complex! 

Yvonne K. Hunter 

  September 13, 2018 


We know hiring a roofing company to work on your most valuable investment or business is not something you take lightly. As a fully licensed and insured roofing company with deep roots in the Barrie community, you can be confident that your roof is in great hands. 

No matter the scope of your roofing project, we have the most professional and skilled local Barrie roofing contractors. We pledge to work quickly and efficiently and make the process go as smooth as possible and with the least amount of disruption to your daily routine.

With our commitment to providing superior quality products coupled with our exceptional workmanship, there is no doubt that you’ll be pleased – from start to finish – with any of the professional roofing services that Skillful Roofing does for you.